& Partners

We couldn’t be more honored than to work with such amazing brands and partners, all within the Outdoor Industry. These brands range from tourism, technical gear, lifestyle brands, to athleisure markets. 



Alta Ski Area

One of the top ski destinations in the United States, we have helped Alta further its business by reaching new and returning customers through targeted media buy, SEO optimization, and social media advertising. 

Yakima Racks

When Yakima had the largest product launch since the start of the company, they needed to get the word out about their new Streamline products. Akers Digital helped reach new Yakima customers through advanced targeting techniques. 

People For bikes

Believing we are stronger together, People For Bikes wants to bring the cycling community together. Through the organization of networking events launched on a national level, Akers Digital is helping make connections. 


Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation

The site of the 2002 Winter Games, the Foundation strives to continue it Olympic mission. Through hosting various World Cups, World Championships, and other events at three venues across Utah, we are opening the eyes of the public to Olympic possibilities.